Ask Your State's Attorney General To #RaiseTheAge

Use the email tool below to send a personalised email to the Attorney General in your state/territory calling on them to raise the age of criminal responsibility. 

We have included a few key points in the email tool below -- but the most powerful emails will be your own thoughts and feelings, written in your own words. 

2. Enter your details

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The most powerful emails are in your own words - it can be as long or short as you like. Here are some key points to include: 

1. A little bit about yourself! 

Sometimes politicians make assumptions about the 'types' of people who might sign a petition or write them a letter. Let them know this isn't the case. Introduce yourself and let the Attorney General know your name, what work you do, if you're a parent, if you live in their state, and why this issue matters to you. 

2. We should listen to the experts

  • All the medical evidence tells us that kids’ brains are still developing at 10,12, 13 years old. Sending children to prison is traumatising and causes long term harm. 
  • Decades of research shows that the earlier kids come into contact with the criminal justice system, the more likely they are to get stuck in a cycle of disadvantage and offending. These kids need support, not punishment.  
  • Aboriginal kids are disproportionately overrepresented in the criminal justice system. To close the gap, we must stop locking up Aboriginal kids.  

3. Why you care

  • You have just watched the film In My Blood It Runs and heard first hand from a remarkable 10 year old Dujuan about what it's like to come into contact with the criminal justice system when you are so young. 
  • Are you a parent? A teacher? Someone with children in your life? Why are you passionate about keeping 10 year olds out of prison? 

4. Ask for a reply

Ask politely for a response and request that the Attorney General commits to raising the age of criminal responsibility in your state. 

3. Make your email count